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AO IT Core Values

We operate on a set of core values to hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to customer service and providing IT solutions to the community. Reach out to us today to begin the discussion of how we may be able to serve you and your IT needs.

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Adaptability
  • Persistence


Our Customers

It takes more than just your average IT partner to deliver a solution that really works for your company. We pride ourselves in providing customer service that is Responsive, Dependable, and Trustworthy.

Sheila Bradbury
February 24, 2023
John and his team have helped me so many times. It seems like technology only misbehaves when you're in a time crunch and AO IT always comes through clutch. I cannot say enough good things about their services. I recommend them to everyone I know including my health care provider. My doctor told me that AO did a great job with HIPPA requirements and has always been very responsive. If you need IT services, look no further.
Loubna Kekhia
February 24, 2023
I had a problem with spam email which needed immediate attention, John and his staff helped me with the best solution to protect my computers and my information. I highly recommend AO IT Consulting for all of your computer and network needs
Veille A.
September 13, 2022
John and His Staff really know Computers and can Prepare your Business for Cyber security and prevent costly computer break downs and data losses. Ask Him about his Firewall and Cloud Back ups.
Joe Wilson
April 26, 2022
When we, at Bergman Productions, were commissioned to produce a feature-length documentary film, our team knew we needed to have the best-in-class data protection in place to preserve every second of footage we gathered over a year-long project. That’s when we reached out to AO IT Consulting. They provided us with state of the art storage and data protection in the form of an enterprise-class uninterruptible power supply and an array of massive capacity, high-powered solid state disks in a RAID configuration. They also advised us on the best practices of data backups and helped us formulate a plan and procedure. We can sleep well at night knowing that all the footage and recordings we make for our movie will be safe. We highly recommend that if preserving your mission-critical data is important to you, you’d be well served by reaching out to AO IT Consulting. We did and we’re very happy.
Greg Long
April 14, 2022
If you need a high trust partner for your IT this is the place to go! I have gotten great service even after hours and weekends.
Christopher Collins
April 12, 2022
It is vey refreshing and a huge relief to have a great business partner to refer my clients to that is honest, organized, reliable, and most important... helps fix their IT issues quickly. The guys at AO IT have gone above and beyond to support us and our customers, and have truly saved the day with issues from servers going down to complete data loss. The owner is also a great and fun guy to work with, which makes it all that much easier to give these guys 5 stars!
Chelsey Dorr
February 22, 2022
AO IT Consulting is A GODSEND!!! John is the owner and I have had the pleasure of working with him directly each time I need help. I am so lost when it comes to tech stuff and John is truly the NICEST IT guy I have ever met!!! If you need a professional and need your business to run smoothly with all the backups necessary to NEVER lose your business info or client info!! AO IT is your #1 go to!!